XL Girls

Georgina Gee Voluptuous in Red for XL Girls

So I got a lot of requests for more BBW/voluptuous girls because after all, they are curvy too. That’s when I got news that Georgina Gee is now posing on XL Girls, and she is looking stunning in that red lace lingerie. It starts with panty play and ends with her being naked on camera for the first time ever. I gotta say, this plumper is actually quite stunning.

XX Cel

Lucy Li Bedroom With A View for XX-Cel

A bedroom with a view usually means nice scenery, perhaps mountains or ocean. I got one better than that: Lucy Li naked in bed. Ok it starts off with some white lace lingerie, but as you know, XX-Cel is not about non-nudes, they are all about women and their naked sensuality, which Lucy Li has a lot of.

Abby Winters

Anneke Busty Blonde for Abby Winters

Anneke from Abby Winters is easily one of the most beautiful girls in the world, and the type that invites you in for a private session. Watch as Anneke does some booty dancing before she gets more comfortable on the couch and displays her perfect natural curves. I love what Abby Winters is doing with nude amateur lately.

Angela White, Girls Out West

Angie Unique Nudes for Girls Out West

When’s the last time you saw a chick bust into a construction area and strip naked on the front end loader? Angie from Girls Out West (aka Angela White), that’s who. She wastes no time ripping off her clothes, playing with her pussy and she even smuggled in a toy to play with. Guess where she kept it. 😉


Shelley Fox Beach Day Girl for Zishy

It was a gusty day on the beach, so Shelley Fox decides to hop in her car and start playing with herself. Zishy makes sure to insinuate that you could walk past a car one day and find a busty beauty with her fingers deep inside her. Ok, now I’m officially in love with Shelley Fox.

Ewa Sonnet

Ewa Sonnet Glass Dildo Play

Ewa Sonnet is getting way more frisky lately, starting with full nude sets and now she is playing with toys! Come watch as Ewa dances around in her black lingerie, before sticking a dildo between her boobs and showing us what a real slippery treat this is. On that note, what models would you like to see play with toys?


Adriana Tella Polka Dot Dress for Cosmid

I knew going on Cosmid would be a good idea today, because I found a beautiful newcomer nibbling on some chocolate. Say hello to Adriana Tella, a busty beauty in a polka dot dress but that’s not the main attraction of this show, it’s her incredibly large and bouncy breasts, and thong so tiny that it legally cannot even be called underwear!

Leanne Crow

Leanne Crow Pink Lingerie In Bed

The things I would do to be able to spend time in bed with Leanne Crow. Oh wait, today that comes true as she has a romp in her favorite pink lingerie, giving us quite the unique view from behind when she removes her bra and bounces her boobs. They call this sidewinder boobs, and it’s amazing.

Tessa Fowler

Tessa Fowler Sexy Piano Lingerie

So imagine that you’re taking piano lessons, and find that your new teacher is Tessa Fowler, and she’s only wearing her black and red lingerie. Naturally you don’t care so much about the piano and care more about this anatomy lesson going on, which involves more than just boobs. Tessa is so damn talented.