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Danielle Sellers Is Wet for Body In Mind

Bikinis are erotic by nature, especially some of these new styles of string bikini that barely covers anything! This is the type of bikini that Danielle Sellers wears for Body In Mind, until she realizes that being in the shower means it’s better to be naked.

Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen Shooting In Her Bikini

This Lucy Vixen photo shoot feels like we are playing voyeur to a very sensual and thick beauty in a bikini alone. She’s just waiting for someone to notice her, and this becomes evident when her bikini is off and she is laying down completely naked. Say Lucy, need help rubbing lotion on you?


Milly Marks Bikini Houdini for Scoreland

Can bikinis be erotic? Of course! The very nature of them is very erotic and since bikinis are getting smaller and smaller, you’re going to love what Milly Marks does with hers. With a snap of the fingers, we find this voluptuous, soft skinned beauty standing completely naked, fully shaved, and ready to get this summer party started. That means you’re invited.


Misha Lowe Naked In The Pool for Cosmid

I have double good news today, the first one is that spring is here! The second good news is that Misha Lowe is back on Cosmid, barely wearing a pink bikini and having the best nude romp in the pool I’ve ever seen. You know how you see a girl, and she looks back with inviting eyes? Well that’s Misha with her eyes, boobs, and incredibly amazing hairy pussy. Yum!

Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen One Piece Bodysuit

Since spring is officially here, I think it’s appropriate to post Lucy Vixen in her one piece bodysuit. You can tell she’s really into herself as the camera gets close to her mega cleavage, and the best part is when she looks up, smiles, and undoes her top. When those puppies bounce out, they do in spectacular fashion.

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