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Erica Campbell SEX for Playboy

Playboy has a special edition series in their archives called SEX, that combined erotica with the classic Playboy style. One of the most amazing models who got her start on Playboy is Erica Campbell, and let me tell you, this nude tropical shoot is making me hot!

Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Linsey Dawn McKenzie Batter Up

You know what I love about summer? Baseball. It doesn’t get any better than playing a solid game for 9 innings, and it doesn’t get any better than having a team mate like Linsey Dawn McKenzie who takes off a piece of clothing every time the team scores. It doesn’t matter what team, she just wants to be naked!


Kerri Kendall Beautiful Busty Playboy Playmate

I’m in the mood for Playmates from another era – the early 90’s. Hair was still big, poofy, and frizzy. Hairy pussies were still all the rage, and yes, big boobs were as coveted as they are today. That’s why Kerri Kendall popped into my mind, because she’s everything I described and more. She’s a total package type of Playmate.


Melinda Windsor Miss February 1966 Playboy Playmate

Have you seen the new Playboy series? It’s really entertaining and reminded me of just how beautiful and natural classic Playmates were. Take Melinda Windsor for example, miss february 1966, a time when things were crazy but the women were beautiful, they were busty, and Melinda is one of the first with such big pillow like boobs. Thank you Playboy.


Sandra Taylor Classic Cover Model for Playboy

Let’s go back in time to 1995, where tanlines and daisy dukes were all the rage. Grunge was over and a new style was coming, the style of Sandra Taylor. This busty beauty was the featured cover model for a good reason: her curves are unmatched and she offers quite a unique nude photo shoot. Ah, I love classic Playboy.


Veronica Zemanova Classic Penthouse Pets

I’ve been listening, and I am answering requests for more classic Penthouse pet. You know who popped in my head instantly? Veronica Zemanova. She is easily considered one of the first stars of the internet back when dial up was king and images took minutes (yes minutes) to load. Luckily we get to enjoy such fine curves and boobs in full HD, and Veronica is a shining example of a curvy legend.


Traci Adell Miss July 1994 for Playboy

Let’s go back in time, July 1994 to be exact. Action movies were all the rage, and frizzy hair was still in. Traci Adell was also selected as Playmate of the month and I can see why, her thick curves are just the beginning. Come explore her whole body in the sexiest lingerie, starting with her large D cup breasts going down to her delicious hairy bush that is begging for a diving.


Via Paxton Classic Nude Curves for Scoreland

Scoreland has been online for a long time, for over 20 years in fact. This made me go through their archives and find a classic beauty that you might remember: Via Paxton. The good news is, if you’re seeing her for the first time, you will fall in love with her thick curves, delicious boobs and trimmed pubes. If you’ve seen her before, get ready for a trip down the sexy memory lane.

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