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Lana Kendrick

Lana Kendrick Plays Jessica Rabbit

I am answering two requests today thanks to the lovely Lana Kendrick. You want to see more models dressing up, and you want to see more luscious legs. Lana is ready to show you a wild time as she plays Jessica Rabbit, all oiled up and without her infamous red dress. That’s a good thing.

Valory Irene

Valory Irene Is The Horny Bride

It’s a nice day for a white wedding, and a great day to watch Valory Irene play the horny bride. Let’s be real, women love the concept of weddings and marriage, and I love the concept of busty ladies turning into horny vixens, so I would say it’s a win-win for everyone. Plus, who wouldn’t want Valory to be their wife? Imagine waking up to that every day.

Charlotte Springer

Charley Springer Naughty Nurse Fantasy

Nobody wants to get sick, but having a nurse like Charley Springer definitely helps. Let’s just say her form of health is unzipping her uniform and dancing around in her red bra and panties. Funny, I’m feeling better already and I’m not even sick! It goes to show that a sexy female touch goes a long way.

Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen Sexy Animal Print

Rawr! Lucy Vixen is proving that she’s not only one of the most beautiful voluptuous models around, she’s also quite creative. Watch as she plays the sexy lioness, out on the prowl and showing off her sexuality by taking down her top and squeezing her boobs together. Admit it, you want to dive right in.

Samanta Lily

Samanta Lily Is A Masked Mistress

Samanta Lily isn’t just a solo model, she’s the total model. Today she plays the masked mistress wearing a latex dress with some whips, but don’t worry, she won’t hurt you too bad. She just wants to tease you, then rip her clothes off and smack you with her huge breasts.

More Than Nylons

Billie Judd Boxing Lessons for More Than Nylons

Today you’re going to take boxing lessons with one of the sexiest teachers in the world: Billie Judd. She starts off with a left hook, then an upper cut and before you know it, this busty boxer is taking off her clothes because it’s getting hot in here! This lesson is great, I’m learning things, like Billie’s butt looks really good in a white thong.

Valory Irene

Valory Irene Busty Cowgirl Fantasy

Have you ever had a cowgirl fantasy before? Valory Irene is going to show you how a modern cowgirl does things, by wearing a tight one piece, getting her shirt wet and revealing the most delicious looking pussy on the planet. This fantasy just got quite erotic.