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Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen Seductive Mirror

Ok wow, I love this dark and seductive set that Lucy Vixen just released. A look into her life is fun, but watching Lucy look at herself in the mirror gets great results, like lots of boob squeezing and booty bouncing. Yum!

Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen Big Tits Sofa

Who doesn’t enjoy a good couch strip? Especially when it’s Lucy Vixen in her blue one piece, busting out all over the place and showing us what real thick curves are all about. Admit it, you would do anything to spend a night with this curvy beauty.

Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen Eye Contact Black Bodysuit

Can you keep eye contact with Lucy Vixen? I certainly can’t, unless her big boobs count as eyes! LOL, seriously though, she is looking so thick and delicious in this black bodysuit, and I love that she wears new ones every time.

Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen Seductive In Black Lingerie

It’s about time we get more Lucy Vixen in a sexy robe and lingerie! I just really like this outfit, but I love it more when Lucy is bare in bed, boobs up to her face and about ready to just unleash her sexual fury all over herself.

Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen Animal Print Dress

Lucy Vixen has been experimenting with lots of animal print lately, and I love it! They say chicks who wear animal print are often frisky, and I would say Lucy goes above and beyond that by getting fully naked and strutting her perfect thick curves.

Lucy Vixen

Lucy Vixen Shooting In Her Bikini

This Lucy Vixen photo shoot feels like we are playing voyeur to a very sensual and thick beauty in a bikini alone. She’s just waiting for someone to notice her, and this becomes evident when her bikini is off and she is laying down completely naked. Say Lucy, need help rubbing lotion on you?

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